Sunday, March 23, 2014


Before we start to review all the elements that relate to the user desktop it’s important to emphasize that the subject of “desktop preparation” have a huge impact on the final target that could be described as: successfully, migration to Office 365. You could have a very well plan that involve all the required settings and configuration required for the “server side” but the “meeting point” of the users with Office 365, is their Desktops. If the user desktop will not be prepared correctly, our end users will experience many difficulties and problems expressed as: authentication problem, in ability to access their cloud mailbox, problem of using SharePoint Online web interface and so on. Software updates The subject of software update is very important steps that need to be completed before the migration to Office 365. The formal description about the "minimum requirement" for the operation system and for the office version as the name imply is just the minimum.

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